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Revolutionizing Construction!

Continuing our heritage of the famed Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the KRATOS™ building solution is helping the construction industry transition from traditional building materials to light gauge steel in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

Fast Installation

Up to 50% faster field installation compared to traditional materials.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Steel Framing without thermal bridging for 60%+ energy savings.

Sustainable Technology

Reduced waste of <2% compared to 20%+ with traditional materials.


High Quality Building Solutions in Light Gauge Steel

Helping Builders and communities reach financial and environmental sustainability goals with KRATOS™, the most advanced and innovative green building technology in light gauge steel available today!
Design Conversion
We can help you convert or create any design to the KRATOS™ light gauge steel solution. From 200SF tiny homes and emergency pods to 20,000SF homes or 200,000SF commercial structures or multi-family, you can build just about anything, any size, anywhere with PBS & KRATOS™.
Structural Engineering
Partnering with structural engineering firms around the country, we can provide guidance and detail libraries to your or our project teams to get your project engineered to the proper design criteria and local building codes in completion of your permit-ready plans.
Virtual Framing & Fabrication
The KRATOS™ solution is CNC machine-agnostic, allowing for virtual framing and fabrication using any roll-form CAM solution. Currently, we have fabrication capabilities using Scottsdale®, FRAMECAD® and Howick FRAMA™ roll-form technologies. These RFS technologies, and others, provide a platform for increased productivity, accuracy, quality, and performance, resulting in reduced waste, build time and cost.

KRATOS™ Makes Steel Framing Better!

Got Wood?

We love wood for furniture, cabinets, and bonfires on starry nights, but when it comes to construction, steel is the best choice for durability, strength, quality, safety, health, and overall sustainability. So unless you love fire, termites, mold, mildew and other safety and health issues, it’s time to join the revolution and transition to the light gauge steel KRATOS™ building solution for a sustainable future.



Engineered and manufactured to length

No splitting / cracking / warping

Dimensionally Stable

Straighter walls

Square Corners

Fire Resistant

Moisture / Mold / Mildew Restaurant

Termite / Insect Resitant

No weak spots or dry rot

Positive consistent load path

Highest Strength-To-Weight ratio

Average waste generated



Resources to frame a typical 2,000 SF house

~6 Junk Cars

~203 Trees


Ready To Bring Your Dreams Come To Life?